Review of educational initiatives in counter-extremism internationally: What works?

This report from the Segerstedt Institute is written by Lynn Davies from the University of Birmingham/ConnectFutures

Authors: Lynn Davies

In the challenge to all forms of violent extremism (Islamist, far right and far left), educational institutions are often tasked to play a role. There is a mass of literature globally on the role of schools and universities in tackling extremism. However, the vast bulk of this is prescriptive: what schools ought to be doing, or could be doing. There have been a considerable number of conferences run by international agencies and academic institutions to explore the role of education in Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) or Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE). These often result in ‘calls for action’ or the need for more research, or may generate collections of articles that give different viewpoints. These collections are useful but can be fragmented. What we do not have is an overview of what educational institutions are actually doing in different countries in a sustained way to tackle violent extremism, and whether there is anyevidence of the impact of these activities. This review begins such a task.

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