Completed projects

Dembra aims to build democratic preparedness against racism and antisemitism in Norwegian schools. After an initial four year pilot period in the Oslo area, it is now being extended to new regions in Norway.

Participant at a Hate, I'm against workshop

Hate I´m Against

Completed projects

"Hate, I'm against" gives Polish and Norwegian students the skills and tools to organize social campaigns against hate speech and discrimination in their schools and local environments.

Learning Democracy at Utøya– Polish-Norwegian Youth Meetings

Completed projects

POLIN Museum of History of the Polish Jews and The European Wergeland Centre (EWC) offer a 3-day workshop in Norway for teams of students (16-19 years old) and teachers from upper secondary schools in Poland and Norway. The seminar is followed by student-led activities at school. 

Teaching Controversial Issues in the Nordic Countries

Completed projects

School leaders and teachers from 13 schools in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will take part in a 3-day training at Utøya as part of the Nordic pilot programme on ‘Teaching Controversial Issues and Managing Controversy in the Nordic countries’, organized by EWC in partnership with the ministries of education in all countries. Participants will work with concrete tools and recommendations on how to engage young people in democratic dialogue about controversial issues through a whole school approach. For the programme, Council of Europe manuals have been translated to the Nordic languages. 

Policy Outreach and International Cooperation

Demokratichna shkola

Policy Outreach and International Cooperation will provide opportunities for international cooperation and sharing of experiences between policy makers and education experts in Ukraine, Norway, Georgia and Moldova in order to ensure the successful implementation and sustainability of educational reforms in Ukraine.

Participants at a pilot training at Utøya in April

Learning Democracy at Utøya

IInklyuzivna osvita

On 22.July 2011, 69 young people lost their lives and many more were wounded by a terrorist attack on a youth camp at Utøya in Norway. Utøya symbolizes how important it is to defend and shape democracy every day. This makes Utøya a special place for young people to reflect on what democracy means to them, what challenges our democracies face and how young people can promote democratic values and practices. 

Teacher Trainings

IInklyuzivna osvita

Trainings for teachers, educators and others who work closely with young people on 22 July and democratic citizenship.

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