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Olena Styslavska

Teacher trainer and educational consultant
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Olena Styslavska is a teacher trainer and educational consultant in the field of Democratic Citizenship, Human Rights and Intercultural Education. She has developed, coordinated and implemented national and international training programmes for the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Poland, Polish Centre of Education Development, Community of Democracies, OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the Council of Europe. She has been a trainer in the Regional Summer Academy Programme since it was launched in 2010, being a head trainer for three editions in Poland and all editions in Montenegro. Her main strength is a practical EDC/HRE experience which she built during her 10 years of teaching at school. She is sure that education can change the world.

EWC involvement: Regional Summer Academy Programme

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The European Wergeland Centre

Marzena Rafalska

Консультант Програми з моніторингу та оцінки, експерт Ради Європи та Європейського Центру ім. Вергеланда
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Marzena Rafalska is an educational consultant at the In-Service Training Centre in Lomza, Poland. She is a specialist in civil and European education, a human rights trainer at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, an EDC/HRE trainer at the Council of Europe, an HRE OSCE expert in Tajikistan, as well as an educator and a coach. She is a regular co-worker of the Centre for Education Development (ORE), Ministry of Education and Office of Children Rights Ombudsman. Rafalska is an author and a coordinator in many regional, national and international educational and social projects. Rafalska is a trainer for the Summer Academy in Poland since 2012.

EWC involvement: Regional Summer Academy Programme, Practicing Citizenship

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