Рада директорів

Управління Європейським Центром ім. Вергеланда здійснюється Радою директорів, склад якої призначається Радою Європи та Урядом Норвегії. 


Haldis Margrete Holst (Norway)

Deputy General Secretary, Education International
Ms Holst graduated as a teacher in 1983, after majoring in English and Physical Education. She has worked as a teacher in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools. Ms Holst has been active in the Norwegian teachers’ union for many years. She has been a union representative at all local, regional and national levels. In 1997, Ms Holst became an elected full time regional leader in her union. In 2001, she became Vice-President of Norsk Lærerlag (NL). In 2002 she became an Executive Board member of Union of Education Norway and was Vice President from 2010 through 2012. During this period Ms Holst has also represented Norway on the European Trade Union Committee on Education, and been elected Vice President from Europe on the Executive Board of Education International.
Ms Holst is currently Deputy General Secretary of Education International which represents organisations of teachers and other education employees across the globe. It is the world’s largest federation of unions, representing thirty million education employees in about four hundred organisations in one hundred and seventy countries and territories, across the globe. 

Vice Chair:

Helga Kjellaug Hjetland (Norway)

Vice Chair
Vice Chair of the Association for Employers in the Church of Norway and Church-related NGOs
Ms Hjetland was until 2009 President of Union of Education Norway (UEN) and until 2012 President of the United Nations Association of Norway. She has broad experience from the education sector, and has worked as teacher and head teacher (1973-88), as President of the Regional Teacher Union (1988-94) and was elected President of the National Teacher Union in 1994, and later as President of the merged Teacher Union in 2001. She is currently employed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education to follow up the new primary and secondary teacher education.
Ms Hjetland also has extensive experience from several national and international organizations, mostly in the field of education and development. She is Board member of the UNICEF committee of Norway.

Board Members:

Snezana Samardžić-Marković (Serbia) 

Director General of Democracy, Council of Europe
In February 2012, Snežana Samardžic-Markovic resigned as Minister of Youth and Sports in Government of Serbia after her appointment as Council of Europe's Director General for Democracy. In the period 2005-2007 she was the Assistant (Deputy) Minister for Defence Policy (Ministry of Defence), responsible for strategic planning, international military cooperation and MoD Verification Centre; Co-President of Group Serbia - NATO Defence Reform.
From 2001 to 2005, she worked in the bilateral department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Deputy Director for Neighbouring Countries; Deputy Head of Mission and Adviser at the Serbian Embassy in Oslo; and Adviser at the Directorate for Europe (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Inga Bostad (Norway)


Director of the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at the University of Oslo. She was Pro-Rector at the University of Oslo 2009-2013 and Vice-Rector at the same institution 2006-2009.

Inga Bostad was awarded a Mag.art degree in Philosopy from the University of Oslo with the thesis "Language, Knowledge, and Doubt —An Analysis of Wittgenstein's Über Gewissheit, (1989). She was awarded her Dr.philos. degree at same university for the thesis "Belief or Doubt —A Reconstruction of Philosophical Skepticism", (2005)

Jindřich Fryč (Czech Republic)

Deputy Minister of Education, Youth and Sport
Mr Fryč has a PhD from the Faculty of Education at Charles University. He has worked as a primary school teacher, and has since 1994 been employed at the Czech Republic Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. From 1996 he was the head of the Youth Department, with a particular involvement in non-formal education. He is the co-author of the National Policy on Children and Youth, and was involved in its implementation, including cooperation with NGOs and other non-profit organisations in the field. From 2004 he led the Department of International Relations, and from 2009 he held the position as Director General of the Section for International Relations EU Affairs at the Ministry. In 2012, he was appointed Deputy Minister for Education, in charge of primary, basic, secondary, special and further education.
Mr Fryč has for a long time represented the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports at the European Union level, at the Council of Europe, UNESCO and other international organisations. Since 2006 he has been member of a bureau of the Steering Committee for Education of the Council of Europe, and in 2011 he served as Vice Chair.

Deputy Members:

Oksana Kovalenko (Ukraine)

Leading specialist, Department of general secondary and pre-school education, Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine.
Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Polish
Performs analytical and methodological work related to learning and teaching foreign languages in secondary schools in Ukraine, is responsible for cooperation with Council of Europe in the field of secondary education and for the development of the national framework, curricular  and creation software, educational, scientific and methodological support for secondary schools. 
Member of the Steering Committee in Education Council of Europe.
Full Professor, Head of Department, Faculty of Political Sciences, National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA)


Tony M. Gallagher


Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Queens University Belfast

Professor Tony Gallagher took up post of Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Academic Planning, Staffing and External Relations on 1 May 2010. He joined Queen’s as a Lecturer in Education in 1992 and was later appointed to a Readership in 1995 and a Chair in 1999. In 2005 he was appointed Head of the School of Education.


Finn Aarsæther

Vice Decan Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Former Board Members

Board member 2012-2015

Luis Filipe Castro Mendes (Portugal) Ambassador Permanent Representative of Portugal to the Council of Europe 

Board members 2010-2014

Afshan Rafiq (Norway), Judge, the Norwegian Conciliation Board, former Member of Parliament.

Theo Koritzinsky (Norway), Senior lecturer and researcher, Senior Centre, Oslo University College

Deputy member (2010-2014)

Sissel Østberg (Norway), Former Rector and Associate Professor, Oslo University College.

Krzysztof Ostrowski (Poland), Vice Rector, Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Poland.

Deputy member 2012-2014 

Laila Bokhari (Norway), State Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office. Political,security and terrorism analyst. 

Board Members 2008-2012
Svein Lorentzen (Norway), Chair, Professor - Norwegian University of Science and Technology 

Gabriele Mazza (Italy), Former Director of Education and Languages, Council of Europe

Arif Mammadov (Azerbaijan), Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe

Viljana Lukas (Slovenia), Head of Office, Ministry of Education and Sport
Deputy Members 2008-2012

César Birzea (Romania), Professor, Head of Department Faculty of Political Sciences, SNSPA

Arild Thorbjørnsen (Norway), Education Consultant

Board Members 2008-2010

Hanne Sophie Greve (Vice Chair, Norway), Justice, Gulating High Court

Inger S. Enger (Norway), School Head

Theo Koritzinsky (Norway), Assistant Professor, reappointed 2010-2014

Guido Bellati Ceccoli (San Marino), Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe
Deputy Members 2008-2010

Vera Stastna (Czech Republic), RnDr., Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

Loveleen Rihel Brenna (Norway), President of The National Parents´ Committee for Primary and Lower Secondary Education

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