Joined forces against bullying

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Students, a teacher and a youth worker joined forces to fight bullying at Buckswood international school in Tbilisi.

Nino Chitishvili, a youth worker from the Georgian School Students Unions Alliance (GSSUA), and Buckswood teacher, Elene Gaprindashvili, were both participants at ”Co-create with youth – Building Inclusive School Environments for an with young people”. “Co-create with youth” aims to promote collaboration between youth workers and schools, based on the use of Council of Europe methods and materials.

The action plan that Chitishvili and Gaprindashvili implemented at Buckwood was based on the ideas and interests of the students at the school and developed by a working group. First of all, they carried out a training programme defining bullying, its effects and how to spot it going on. They also learned about cyber bullying. The training combined practical and theoretical exercises, including outdoor activities. They watched thematic videos and used Forum Theatre.

Later the participants worked in groups to identify what students, teachers and school administrators can do to stop bullying. 25 students were directly involved and their feedback was positive. Tests before and after the training also shows that they are more aware of the issue than before. They also want to continue and have already planned some mini-projects about bullying prevention.

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