Participants at a pilot training at Utøya in April

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Learning Democracy at Utøya

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On 22.July 2011, 69 young people lost their lives and many more were wounded by a terrorist attack on a youth camp at Utøya in Norway. Utøya symbolizes how important it is to defend and shape democracy every day. This makes Utøya a special place for young people to reflect on what democracy means to them, what challenges our democracies face and how young people can promote democratic values and practices. 

What: Training on education for democracy, human rights and intercultural understanding, giving youth the opportunity to become positive role models and trainers for their peers.

For:  Students from 9th and 10th grade at Norwegian lower secondary schools

How: Workshops at Utøya outside Oslo, followed by student led activities at their home schools

Result:  Young people strengthen their democratic competence to prevent hate speech, hate ideologies and extremism

Organized by: The European Wergeland Centre, Utøya and the Rafto Foundation

Working language:  Norwegian

Financed by: Fritt Ord Foundation and The Norwegian Directorate of Education and Training

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The European Wergeland Centre

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Ingrid Aspelund is responsible for the programme "22 July and Democratic Citizenship", as well as coordinating EWC's projects related to issues such as prevention of hate speech, discrimination, and radicalization.

Aspelund has a Master's degree in International and Multicultural Education and a Bachelor's degree in Development Studies from Oslo and Akershus University College (now Oslo Met). She previously worked as a campaign advisor for the No Hate Speech Movement in Norway and was the head of Norwegian People’s Aid Solidarity Youth 2015-2017.

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