Teachers, school administration, university professors and other education professionals from the Russian Federal Regions participate in the Practicing Citizenship Program

"Практика громадянства"

Навчальна програма з освіти для демократичного громадянства і прав людини для працівників освіти Російської Федерації

What? A whole school approach training program in education for democratic citizenship and human rights.

For? Teachers, school administration, university professors and other education professionals.

How? Advanced training for a network of regional coordinators is combined with regional trainings and implementation of local projects in EDC/HRE. Annual European and National seminars as dissemination and awareness raising components.

Result? Dissemination of principles, knowledge and competences in accordance with the CoE Charter on EDC/HRE, strengthening civil society and building capacity of local institutions engaged in Civic Education

Open for? Participants from eight regions of the Russian Federation

Organized by? The Moscow School of Civic Education and EWC

Working language? Russian

Financed by? The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Head Trainer: Marzena Rafalska

EWC: Iryna.Sabor (at) theewc.org

Contact information

Karl Johans gate 2,
NO 0154 Oslo, Norway

PHONE: +47 21 08 24 10
FAX: +47 21 08 24 11
MAIL: post@theewc.org