Call for Norwegian Students

There are still places for teams of students and teachers from upper secondary schools in Norway for a 3-day workshop with Polish peers at Utøya. Applications are processed consecutively

POLIN Museum of History of the Polish Jews and The European Wergeland Centre (EWC) offer a 3-day workshop in Norway for teams of students (16-19 years old) and teachers from upper secondary schools in Poland and Norway. The seminar is followed by student-led activities at school. 

Young people have great potential to influence each other, and through three days of interactive sessions facilitated by a team of experienced trainers from Poland and Norway, we aim to

  • increase the democratic competence of the participants; skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values, in particular when it comes to combating hate speech and discrimination
  • strengthen the participants’ capacity to act as role models for their peers

Most of the seminar will take place at the island Utøya, which is located about 45 min drive from Oslo. The island has a long history of gathering young, engaged people for both political discussions and social events, but was also the second target in the terrorist attack in Norway 22 July 2011.

Since 2011, the island has been rebuilt, and now holds both a memorial sight and a learning centre. By combining the recent history of Utøya with sharing of experiences and contemporary challenges in Poland and Norway, the students will strengthen their competences to combat hate speech, anti-democratic forces and extremism.

Who is the project 3-day workshop for?
Students and teachers from upper secondary schools in Poland and Norway.

  • Each school can participate with a team of 3 students and 1 teacher.
  • As the workshops will be interactive and they will be conducted in English, both students and teachers must be prepared and willing to work and talk in English
  • Five teams from each country – in total 30 students and 10 teachers

Year-two students (in the school year 2017/18) will be prioritized. Each team commits to share their experiences with their peers through carrying out minimum one activity at their school.

What does it cost?
Nothing! Travel costs to Oslo/Utøya, and meals and accommodation in Norway is covered by the organizers. The only costs for the participants is pocket money (optional). Please note that we do not cover costs for substitute teachers.

When does it take place?
The workshop in Norway lasts from 19 September (10 am) to 21 September (5 pm). The (first) follow-up activity should take place by the end of October 2017.

How to apply?
Please apply via the online application form.

More detailed information can be found in this information document.

The project is funded through EEA grants.

Contact information

Karl Johans gate 2,
NO 0154 Oslo, Norway

PHONE: +47 21 08 24 10
FAX: +47 21 08 24 11