Competences for democratic culture in pedagogic universities

EWCs Schools for Democracy programme aims to support reforms in Ukrainian schools by equipping future teachers and school leaders with new methods and approaches to teaching and learning democratic citizenship and respect for human rights. The Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competence for Democratic culture is central to this project.

13 teacher trainers from three Ukrainian pedagogic universities gathered March 12-13 for the second time this year at Kyiv B. Grinchenko University. The focus of the work was on study modules and practical exercises that will foster civil and social competences among future teachers.

Teacher trainers involved in the project chose a practical approach to this goal and are developing new teaching and learning materials based on the Council of Europe Framework. It is expected that these materials will help them and their colleagues build new courses and introduce more democratic practices in the study process.

To facilitate their work, EWC trainers chose several reflection topics that raised a large interest and triggered long discussions among participants: human rights and democracy at school, teaching controversial issues, and assessment of democratic competences. Next time participants will gather at the end of the year to present results and evaluate their achievements.

The project is carried out by the EWC in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Center of Education Monitoring (Kyiv) and Kyiv B. Grinchenko University within the Schools for Democracy programme.

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