Democratic competences against violent radicalization

Erasmus +: Aktiv Ungdom, The European Wergeland Centre (EWC) and IUVENTA - Slovak Youth Institute, organised an international training on the role of youth work and democratic competences in prevention of radicalization and violent extremism. The training brought together 24 youth workers and educators from 12 different countries in which different understandings of radicalization of young people in Europe were discussed, levels of prevention were introduced and the model of competences for democratic culture was explored.

The first phase of the training took place at Sundvollen, Norway, and some of the issues addressed were: How can youth workers discuss controversial issues with young people? Why and in what circumstances is that important? What are the challenges and how can we prepare youth workers to handle controversial issues that causes divisions between people in local communities? 

Moreover, the participants were introduced to concrete educational resources and tools which opens up for dialogue and exploration on how to work with young people to develop democratic competences in order for young people to play an active role as citizens in democratic societies. This is in line with the Council of Europe framework of Comptences for a Democratic Culture, which emphasizes promotion of democratic values, skills, knowledge and attitudes, not only prevention of radicalization.
Participants have left the training course with new experiences, inspiration, concrete educational resources and tools, and a network of engaged colleagues from all over Europe. Some of the issues raised in the first training will be central for the second phase of the training, which will take place in the end of June in Bratislava.

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