EWC at the largest political gathering in Norway

Arendalsuka is a national annual event and the largest political gathering in Norway. Its mission is to strengthen the belief in political empowerment and democracy through an open debate and involvement. This year, EWC partnered with the other Peace and Human Rights Centres in Norway to organise two seminars during the five-day event. 

Arendalsuka offers an opportunity for cooperation between the Peace and Human Rights Centres in Norway, sharing our expertise and experiences from practice with policy makers, NGOs and other stakeholders.

One of the seminars was about the national curriculum and the interdisciplinary subject “democracy and citizenship”, which will be introduced as a part of the new national curriculum in Norway next year. The seminar offered an opportunity for the centres to share our experiences from working with schools all over Norway and meeting with more than 50 000 students and teachers every year.

The other seminar aimed to address the hate speech and conspiracies against the indigenous Sami people in Norway. EWC's Inga Riseth participated in the panel, highlighting how young people from the Sami community are targeted by hate speech today and the important role of institutions, such as schools, to prevent this and strengthen young people’s competences to act against hate speech and for a democratic culture online.

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