EWC featured in Synergies Journal

In the December issue of the scientific journal “Synergies – Educational Dialogues for Social Change”, EWC’s Caroline Gebara and Elizaveta Bagrintseva presents the Council of Europe Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (RFCDC) as a key document in education for democratic citizenship and human rights education.

The digital journal is a peer-reviewed scientific magazine, focused on topics such as global education, global citizenship education and development education. Featured in the issue titled “Knowledge and Practices on Citizenship for Democracy”, the article discusses the content of RFCDC, the background of its development and its use in various educational areas and geographical contexts. The article emphasizes that the RFCDC is a tool for the practical implementation of the Council of Europe principles and concepts in the sphere of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education. The flexibility of the tool is demonstrated by the use of RFCDC in EWC programmes for developing a more inclusive, democratic and human-rights based approach to education on different levels – from curriculum to a particular classroom.

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