EWC goes on exchange visit to Zürich University of Teacher Education

Two days of sharing experiences and ideas, as well as challenges and possible areas of cooperation, when the EWC team visited the Department for International Projects in Education (IPE) at the Zürich University of Teacher Education August 28-30, 2019.

The IPE specializes in providing high quality training in the areas of democracy education, job orientation, life skills, migration and multilingualism, with projects located around the world. The department, which is part of the Zürich University of Teacher education, uses its expertise to design tailor made projects with a sustainable impact. Rolf Gollob, one of the founders of the IPE, has worked as a trainer on countless EWC projects, and is currently the head expert in the “Preparing Future Teachers in the Western Balkan” project that was launched earlier this year.

EWC and IPE are often working with themes and areas that are closely related, and the aim of the exchange was to learn more about each other in order to identify where the two could possibly cooperate and create synergies of meaningful impact. Productive conversations, valuable lessons and new ideas filled the two-day agenda, ending with a long list of topics to investigate further. Plans for a follow-up exchange is in place, and we look forward to the continuation.

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