Educating for Citizenship in the Digital Age

When the online component team of the EWC program "Schools for Democracy" in Ukraine organized a webinar on Digital Citizenship Education (DCE), over 200 participants signed up to learn more about how to educate citizens in the digital age. 

The training which was held on December 12, was facilitated by IT teacher and Council of Europe DCE promotor in Ukraine, Oksana Pasichnyk. The Council of Europe’s Digital Citizenship Education project was presented to the teachers, teacher trainers and other interested learners. All participants said they were interested in receiving more information and resources on the topic. Digital technologies have changed not only us and the societies we live in, but also challenged traditional education at schools. Educators see a pressing need to teach students how to positively interact with digital technologies, know their pros and cons, as well as be aware of possible threats they pose.

A practitioner herself, Oksana brought several bright examples from everyday life that makes digital citizenship education key in equipping students with democratic competences in the digital age. Many could relate to situations like exclusion in social media, hate speech or bullying online. Young learners need to be aware of the threats that come with digital technologies, know their rights and how to protect them.

Link to webinar: (only in Ukrainian) 

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