Focus on inclusion at Slovak Academy

The Slovak Academy Democratic Schools for All took place outside Bratislava October 16-21, 2017. Focus was on building inclusive schools, with particular focus on Roma students.

One of the schools at this years' Slovak Academy for building inclusive schools and democratic culture in Slovakia, was the Chmelianske Jakubovany primary school. The school only has Roma pupils. Teachers and staff focus on strengthening pupils' confidence and identity to work against the exclusion they experience in society.

The Slovak Academy: Democratic Schools for All is a training programme dedicated to support democratic school environments in the Slovak Republic. It’s aim is to strengthen the competences of school leaders, teachers and other educational professionals in citizenship and human rights education.

The Summer Academy is organized by the National Institute for Education in cooperation with the European Wergeland Centre, with support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and the Council of Europe.

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