Information vs manipulation – How to stand up against propaganda?

The kick-off meeting for the EU funded project «Information vs manipulation – How to stand up against propaganda?» took place in Ostrava, Czech Republic 29 September – 1 october. 

The participants of the project – students and teachers from Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic – will in the coming months look at and compare historical and current propaganda, with three key events as starting point; the Hungarian Uprising in 1956, the Anti-Zionist Campaign in Poland in 1967-68, and the Prague Spring in 1968.

The first international workshop will take place in Budapest in December. The participants will meet again in 2018, while also carrying out local activities with their peers, and the aim is for the participants to be able to identify and deconstruct propaganda, as well as gain knowledge about the key events.
The project is part of the EU Programme «Europe for Citizens», organized by POLIN, in cooperation with the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, PANT Centre, and EWC.

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