Slovenian handbook on prevention of peer violence

EWC’s partners in the project “A systemic approach to peer violence in educational institutions" have published a handbook for teachers in Slovenia.

The handbook was presented at a lecture in August this year with 300 participants, formally marking the end of the project. The publication is largely the result of pioneering work done at the school OS Simona Jenka in Kranj, Slovenia, following their participation at the Regional Summer Academy in Montenegro. During the testing of the new methods, they have collaborated closely with OS Cakovec, a regional summer academy alumni school in Croatia.

“On youth camps we are teaching our students to accept people from different contexts and we have become really good friends. We believe that friendship, along with a wide social network is a vital part of peer violence prevention”, writes Ingrid Klemencic OS Simona Jenka, about the collaboration with the Croatian school.

“This year, we have started talking more about the refugee crisis. It is important that students have the chance to get know different stories, told by their peers from the war zones”, Klemencic, concludes.

The handbook, written in Slovenian, is available in the EWC online library. EWC contributed to the project with the publication "The EDC/HRE Whole School Approach for the Prevention of Discrimination and Violence in Schools and Communities", written by Felisa Tibbitts.

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