Strong support for the 22 July and Democratic Citizenship programme

The Norwegian Government supports the programme 22 July and Democratic Citizenship in the Revised National Budget for 2018. With the increased support, EWC, together with our partners, will provide learning opportunities for an increased number of young people and educational professionals on 22 July 2011 and related topics such as democratic citizenship, human rights and prevention of hate speech.

EWC in partnership with Utøya and the 22 July Center have since 2016 developed learning resources on 22 July and Democratic Citizenship for young people and educational professionals in Norway and Europe. The terrorist attack in Oslo and Utøya 22 July 2011 prompted an immediate response in Norwegian society for “more democracy, more openness”. For this to happen, educating young people for democracy and human rights is key. Not only to prevent hate speech, hate ideologies and violent extremism, but to promote democracy and active citizenship.

The programme 22 July and Democratic Citizenship involves workshops, trainings and accessible learning resources which aim to empower young people in Europe, and those who work closely with youth, to create a safe environment where participants learn about 22 July 2011 and at the same time work together and discuss controversial issues connected to human rights, hate speech and extremism.

We appreciate the support and look forward to the further development of the program together with 22 July Center, Utøya and other partners, such as the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights.

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