Thank you for a great year of activities at Utøya - we look forward to 2019!

2018 is coming to an end, but the programme "22. July and Democratic Citizenship" continues with renewed strength in 2019. Here is a summary of some of our activities in 2018, which will also continue in 2019. 

Learning Democracy and Day Visits for School Classes at Utøya

The European Wergeland Centre

In 2018, the European Wergeland Centre, the 22. July Centre and Utøya have organized trainings for Norwegian school children so that they can learn about the terrorist attacks 22. July 2011 and about what they, as active citizens, can do to defend and create our democracy. Together with the Rafto Foundation we have organized 5 three-day seminars "Learning Democracy at Utøya" for students and teachers in 9th and 10th grade at lower secondary schools in Norway. In total, 38 schools, with 1 teacher and 3-5 students, from 26 different towns have participated in these three-day seminars. Following the seminars, the students have conveyed what they have learned through presentations, pictures, videos and through participatory trainings with their fellow students. Some students have also had activities with their teachers and parents, at schools in nearby their own and have been interviewed by local media. In total, about 6500 people have participated in student-led activities in 2018! With enhanced support in the Norwegian state budget, we are looking forward to even more activity in 2019. During the coming year, we will host ten three-day seminars, and schools that wish to participate can already sign up via our Norwegian website. In 2018 we have also received over 500 students on day visits to Utøya. Also in 2019, we will give school classes the opportunity to come to Utøya to learn about the causes and consequences of the terrorist attacks on 22. July 2011 and about what each of us can do to strenghten our democracy. School classes can sign up through our Norwegian website. 

Seminar for future teachers

The European Wergeland Centre

In November, the European Wergeland Centre, the 22 July Centre, Utøya and the Rafto Foundation held a three-day seminar for 30 teacher students at Utøya. The theme of the seminar was why and how education on 22 July and democratic citizenship can contribute to youth becoming active citizens in society, with particular emphasis on preventing hate speech, as well as teaching sensitive and controversial issues. In the end of the seminar, participants developed teaching plans and planned activities to conduct after the seminar. 

"I feel much more confident about teaching, and generally talking about controversial issues and about the terror attacks 22. July. It has been a very nice and positive experience to visit Utøya! "
Participant at seminar for future teachers, 2018

Learning resources about the terror attacks 22. July 2011

Together with the Department of Teacher Education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, we are developing education material on the terrorist attacks July 22, 2011, commissioned by The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. The resources will be available by the start of the school year 2017-18, and will be connected to the interdisciplinary theme "democracy and citizenship". As part of this work, we are arranging a seminar for teachers at Utøya in March 2019, with the aim of gathering concrete experiences from teachers, presenting and working with draft learning resources, as well as getting input for further work on learning resources. Read more and sign up by 14th of December.

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