Trained their class mates after Utøya

After participating at a training course on Utøya, students from Frydenberg Secondary School used what they had learned to train their fellow students. Through inter-active exercises they facilitated discussions in the classroom about democratic values, human rights and inclusion.

The European Wergeland Centre, together with the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights and Utøya AS, has developed a training course on Utøya for students in secondary school. After 22nd July 2011 Utøya symbolizes how important it is to defend and stand up for democracy every day.

Students from 9th and 10th grade will spend three days on Utøya participating in training for education for democracy, human rights and intercultural understanding. The aim is giving youth the opportunity to become positive role models and trainers for their peers.

Students from Frydenberg Secondary School were among the participants at a pilot training, which was held at Utøya from 19th to 21th of April. The following week they used the exercises and tools they had learned at Utøya at their own school together with their fellow students.

Through inter-active exercises they facilitated discussions about democratic values, freedom of speech, hate speech, discrimination and how young people can promote a democratic society. Students from the two other secondary schools involved in the pilot, Slotthaug and Lindeberg, will also arrange workshops and trainings at their schools.

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